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As we're working hard to launch Perp v2, we prepared a series of NFTs designed by : creator of the renowned videos for and ! This launch is to get the community excited about Perp v2, and thank them for their support.

There will be 10 unique NFTs in…

Since the announcement of our Grants Program, we’ve added several new partners to the list!

In this blog post, we’d like to showcase each one of our grantees, their current progress, and what they’re working on.


is the for Perpetual Protocol, enhancing open access…

To drive the adoption of Perpetual Protocol and continue the transition toward a DAO structure, we’re thrilled to announce the formation of the Perpetual Protocol Grants Committee and the Grants Program governed by the committee!

The Grants Committee consists of eight members:

  • two members of the core team —

Perpetual Protocol is currently the largest decentralized perps exchange by daily trading volume, having captured 83% market share as of the beginning of June. To further secure this lead and become the go-to protocol for perp trading, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Perpetual Ecosystem Fund!

The Perpetual…

Perpetual Protocol team introduced the much anticipated v2 on June 30th, 2021 to the community. This month’s community call, held on July 2nd, 2021 was an AMA dedicated to respond to community questions as regards Perpetual Protocol v2 — the Curie Release.

Thank you everyone for participating in the call…

Release highlights

  • Scaling and UX enhancements
  • Cross margin & multi-collateral
  • Efficient, flexible liquidity
  • Path to permissionless markets

Perpetual Protocol v1 was launched in December 2020, pioneering the virtual market maker model. …

We’re excited to announce the commencement of our second mainnet trading competition sponsored by Index Coop!

Here are the details you need to know 👇

📅 Competition Period

June 2 (Wed.) 14:00 UTC — June 9 (Wed.) 14:00 UTC

🏅 Prizes

The prize pool is 25K USD — 15K USD in INDEX and 10K USD…

Open source interface

Perpetual Protocol has released an open source UI for developers and advanced users to deploy on local servers or as online front-ends.

View the github repo here:

Our 4th community call was held on April 19, 2021, where we had a mini-interview with from and addressed the weekend flash crash. Thank you everyone for participating in the call!

For those who were not able to join the call, we have uploaded the recording on…

What happened?

Beginning at roughly 11:30 AM UTC+8 on April 18, 2021, a flash crash affected the ETH/USDC market on Perpetual Protocol. Following a period of high volatility on both centralized and decentralized markets, we saw a period of instability across all exchanges as the price of ETH dropped significantly.

What resulted…

Perpetual Protocol

Decentralized perpetual contract for every asset

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