Perpetual Protocol Lite UI Open Source Release

Open source interface

Perpetual Protocol has released an open source UI for developers and advanced users to deploy on local servers or as online front-ends.


A decentralized system is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Traditional web hosting is not decentralized, thus making a point of weakness both in terms of uptime accessibility as well as anti-fragility.

Design goals

This open source UI was designed with the following goals:

  • Simple to use and light on resources
  • Feature complete for trading and managing positions
  • Extensible and easily modified
  • Allow operators to easily manage regional restrictions for compliance purposes
  • Connection to Metamask as well as via WalletConnect


Currently the Lite UI does not provide a way for users to approve tokens (ie. USDC) for use by the protocol smart contracts. Users can first approve tokens via, add this functionality on their own, or use other means such as ethers.js.

Development demo

A live site had been deployed by the Perpetual Protocol team for testing and demonstration purposes.

Decentralized perpetual contract for every asset