Perpetual Protocol #PERPtogether Campaign

Perpetual Protocol
2 min readApr 20, 2021


Perpetual Protocol has launched a Pool Together campaign to reward traders.

Note: This is totally separate and unrelated to PERP staking.

How it works

Starting April 19, 2020, all traders on Perpetual Protocol will accumulate a new token — pPERP.

Each week, these tokens will be airdropped to your address.

You can then stake the tokens on Pool Together for a chance to win tasty prizes!

Pool Together

pPERP tokens staked on Pool Together will give you the chance to win every week.

10 traders will win $500 worth of PERP every week!

The more pPERP tokens you have & stake, the higher your chances of winning. 🎰

Follow our Twitter account for reminders to stake your pPERP! You will have 1 week to stake your pPERP, and you can stake it again for the next round.

How do you get pPERP?

Collecting pPERP is easy.

If you trade at (or use Hummingbot, the Perpetual Protocol arb bot, your own Javascript code, or — coming soon™️ — Apex) you will automatically receive pPERP airdrops for every week you trade actively.

Airdrops will be sent to you on Monday if you traded during the previous week.

How many pPERP can you get?

pPERP will be awarded based on your trading volume (cut-off is Monday 0:00 UTC).

You will receive at least 1 pPERP, and the maximum reward is 20 pPERP.

Your pPERP rewards will be calculated by total volume (USDC) divided by 5000.

weekly pPERP = 7 day volume (USDC) / 5000Min pPERP = 1
Max pPERP = 20
7-d Vol pPERP
--------- -------
500 1
6,000 1.2
10,000 2
50,000 10
100,000 20
300,000 20

Note: These rewards will be updated based on campaign performance. For example, a minimum volume may be imposed if account spam becomes an issue.

How do you increase your chances?

The sooner you join, the more tokens you can accumulate. Those joining later will not have the benefit of your early start. So start collecting pPERP today!

Want to learn more?

Get in touch via our Discord — link is below.



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